We Stood in Wonder

A beautiful lake lined with pine trees

We stood in the clearing, by the sandy shore of the calm lake, taking in the wonder with our disbelieving hearts and eyes. The majesty of the trees, rising into the sky like spires of forest green velvet, pointing the way to the stars in the heavens, hidden just now by an azure veil and wispy clouds of weary white. The gentle breeze moved the lush carpet of wildflowers in a slow spring dance while the birds sang their songs of peace.

My hand brushed against hers, and our fingers slowly weaved together. I could feel her pulse quicken, and I think I heard her sigh. I looked at her and noticed a tear slipping from her eye and dripping down her cheek like a single drop of rain.

I pulled her close to my chest and wrapped my arms around her, my embrace protecting like a warm cloak. "What is it? Have I done something wrong?" I looked into her eyes, and then more tears came, and it made my stomach ache and my throat close up tight.

She said nothing for seconds; that seemed like hours as if no words could form, no comfort she could give. Our hearts beating together, yet just out of sync, like ancient drums of long ago tribes, and she touched my cheek and looked deeply at me in a way I had never seen before. "You've done nothing wrong, and I wish this moment could last forever, in this perfect place, at this perfect time. I'm not sad, just happy and emotional because I finally know something I've been trying to know for some time."

I pulled away a little, but she pulled me back in, and I tried to understand what she meant. "What is it you didn't know? You only had to ask. I have no secrets from you."

She smiled, and it made me feel whole again, and I held her even closer. "I've been trying to understand, who you are, the man behind the smile, the man inside, and I finally know the real you. I've known it forever, I think, but couldn't see it before, until I looked at your face when we happened on to this place."

I chuckled and looked down at the earth, shaking my head. "I don't know what you are saying. I don't know what you mean. I opened up to you fully; I let you in. I don't know why you were still searching for me."

She put her hands on each side of my face and looked into my eyes. And then she said something that I didn't think anyone could know. "You are the wind flowing through the trees, you are the glint of light on the water, you are the grass growing on the hillside, you are the mountains rising to the clouds. You are lightning and sunshine, you are thunderstorms and the calm that sets in after, and you are the rain. You are part of this place we came to today, and it is a part of you."

We stared into each other, and I was stunned, and I was grateful for this day and for this wonderful person I was blessed with. And then she kissed me. And I kissed her back, and the world disappeared into us, and our hearts were beating in sync.

And we stood in the clearing, by the sandy shore of the calm lake, taking in the wonder with our disbelieving hearts and eyes.

© 2015 Peter Noah Thomas ~ All Rights Reserved

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