An angry poem about a cheater
This poem isn't the kind I usually write. It is on the dark side with a bit of bad language too. If you don't like reading poems with darker themes, it might be best to skip this one. =]:)


Vows broken with a kiss,
tongues touching, entwined
stings like piss.

Twisted tales of make believe,
Onion skin heart, 
on your sleeve.

Aphotic soul like a clogged up drain,
acrid stench, 
leaves a stain.

Tenebrous expression, hades gloom,
wandering eye, 
pricks like rheum.

Dark cimmerian heart of depraved intent,
squirting deceit,
through a stygian stent.

Caliginous evasion,
scheming screw,
what the fuck did I ever see in you?

© 2017 Peter Noah Thomas ~ All Rights Reserved

Photo by Sam Burriss

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Please let me know what you think. =]:)