Sunrise Over Gardner River

The Gardner River (also known as the Gardiner River) is a tributary of the Yellowstone River, and is about 25 miles long. It's located in northwestern Wyoming and south central Montana but the entire river is located within Yellowstone National Park.

It rises on the slope of Joseph Peak, Gallatin Range in the northwestern part of the park, and winds southeast through Gardner's Hole, a broad subalpine (just below the timberline) basin which is a popular trout fishing location.

The river and the town of Gardiner were named for Johnson Gardner who was a free trapper in the early 19th century. In the 1830s, he worked northwestern Yellowstone and sold his furs to the American Fur Company.

On September 13, 1869 the Cook–Folsom–Peterson Expedition entered the park region and crossed the river at its mouth on their way up the Yellowstone. On August 26, 1870 the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition entered what was to become the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park at Gardiner and camped near the confluence before they crossed the river and proceeded south up the Yellowstone river.

Neither of these expeditions explored the Gardner and so did not encounter the geothermal features of Mammoth Hot Springs. The 1871 Geological Survey of the park region by F. V. Hayden did explore the Gardner and described Mammoth Hot Springs, but the Mammoth area itself was named by an illegal concessionaire Harry R. Hohr who tried to claim land in early 1871 in the newly explored park region.

The lower few miles of the river is paralleled by the North Entrance Road Historic District. =]:)

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