Hope for a peaceful winter

boy looking at the crescent moon

Winter has come a little early to Wyoming. The temperatures are already dipping below our comfort level, and the snow has blanketed the ground. There is beauty in winter, unlike any of the other seasons. The landscapes and trees look magical when frozen, glistening, and sparkling, as if the stars came down and dusted the earth with their twinkling light. Nature paints a canvas of snowy white and delights us with her frigid creations.

Sometimes, winter makes us feel lost and alone. Darkness comes sooner, and the nights last longer. The wind howls like a demon, and the cold scratches you like a thousand tiny icy fingers. You wrap yourself up in a blanket and cover your head, trying to hide from the loneliness and dread of another endless night.

But you aren't alone. Not really. If you are reading this right now, you aren't alone. We are here, too. Please, take this little bit of friendship and let it warm you. Let it bring you some hope and some peace. And the only thing we want in return is your friendship, too. We are so glad you are here. You make us all smile, and we feel warm again.

And even though it seems so far away, the promise of Spring's happiness is glowing, shimmering in your soul, melting away all the tormenting winter gremlins. Hope for a new beginning lies underneath the powdery snow and within YOU every day. =]:)

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