What is Rime Ice?


Rime ice forms when supercooled water liquid droplets freeze onto surfaces. Meteorologists distinguish between three basic types of ice forming on vertical and horizontal surfaces by deposition of supercooled water droplets. There are also intermediate formations.

  • Soft rime is less dense than hard rime and is milky and crystalline, like sugar. Soft rime appears similar to hoar frost.
  • Hard rime is somewhat less milky, especially if it is not heavy.
  • Clear ice is transparent and homogeneous and resembles ice-cube ice in appearance. Its amorphous, dense structure helps it cling tenaciously to any surface it forms on.

Both rime types are less dense than clear ice and cling less tenaciously; therefore, damage due to rime is generally minor compared to clear ice. Glaze ice is similar in appearance to clear ice, but it results from a completely different process, occurring during freezing rain or drizzle.

No matter what you call it, it's still cold! =]:)

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