White Peaks and Mount Holmes


In Yellowstone National Park, Mount Holmes is a significant mountain peak. It is the highest peak in the Gallatin Range's Wyoming section. In the park's northwest corner, Mount Holmes is the southernmost point of the Gallatin Range. It is the source of Indian Creek, a Gardner River tributary.

Before it burned down by a bolt of lightning, there was a historic fire watchtower near the top of Mount Holmes. 

Captain William F. Raynolds depicted this peak as Mount Gallatin on an 1860 map. Because of its proximity to the Madison River, the summit was commonly referred to as Mount Madison before 1878. The third Hayden Geologic Survey, led by Henry Gannett and geologist William H. Holmes, ascended the mountain in 1878. The summit was given the name Mount Holmes by Gannett.

The Mount Holmes-Winter Creek trail, which is 10.8 miles (17.4 kilometers) long, leads to the peak of Mount Holmes. On the Mammoth-Norris stretch of the Grand Loop Road, the trailhead lies near Apollinaris Spring. =]:)

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