The Spell of Halloween

A spooky, delapitated haunted house with bats flying and ghosts in the yard.

In the depths of the night, where shadows creep,

Lie tales of darkness, so hauntingly deep.

A moon cloaked in mist, a chilling wind's wail,

Where spirits awaken, and courage may fail.

Beneath gnarled trees, a graveyard awakes,

Where restless souls wander, their rest at stake.

With hollowed eyes and whispers of despair,

They yearn for release from their eternal snare.

Amongst the tombstones, a figure does tread,

A specter in black, with a cloak like the dead.

Her name is Lilith, the mistress of fright,

With a wicked grin, she conjures the night.

"Oh! Hear my call," she whispers in the dark,

As she weaves her spells, leaving her mark.

Bats take to the sky, their wings spread wide, 

Guiding lost souls, to the other side.

In the haunted manor, spirits do dwell,

Where echoes of laughter turn into a knell.

Ghostly footsteps echo down the hall,

As the present and past collide and enthrall.

The clock strikes midnight, the hour of dread,

When the veil between worlds grows thin, it is said.

Ghosts emerge from their slumber, seeking release,

Their ethereal presence, a haunting caprice.

In the flickering candlelight, shadows dance,

As witches gather, their potions enhance.

With cauldrons bubbling and spells on their lips,

They conjure enchantments, with mystical quips.

Oh! Beware the night, when the jack-o'-lanterns glow,

And spirits arise from the depths below.

For Halloween's magic, a captivating lure,

Where darkness and mystery forever endure.

So, as the moon rises, casting an eerie glow,

Embrace the enchantment, let your fears go.

For on this haunted eve, when the spirits unite,

We celebrate Halloween, in the shadows of night.

But tread carefully, for darkness is near, 

And the spirits are watching, with ghoulish cheer.

Enjoy the thrill, the spook, and the fright,

On this chilling Halloween night.

© 2023 Peter Noah Thomas

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