Weaver of Words

This is how I imagine +A Long. Before I met A.J. I didn't read many poems. That soon changed after I discovered his inspirational, fun and thought provoking poetry. Soon, I was reading and enjoying many poets on G+, most of them found through recommendations from him. Now i can't imagine a day without at least one poem to fill my thoughts and inspire my day.

I also appreciate his sense of humor. Don't even try to out best him in a round of pun filled comments. Believe me, I've tried! He is the only person I know that can speak volumes on a post with just a simple, Ya.

I see him going about his day with a pad of paper under his arm, with him, ready whenever inspiration strikes. I can see him sitting at a table during lunch with his notes sprawled out before him as he creates his next verse that will delight us all. I see him as a weaver of words, which is the title of this poem I did my best to write about him:

Scribbling on a yellow pad,
thoughts are forming both glad and sad.
He weaves words of a happy life,
he weaves words that speak of strife.

Ideas flowing like misty dreams,
feelings forming like silent screams.
He weaves words of faraway places,
he weaves words of desperate embraces.

Giggles bubble from deep inside,
savored moments then pushed aside.
He weaves words that delight the soul,
he weaves words that take their toll.

When ears are closed, and we're too proud,
when life is tough and growing loud.
He weaves the words we need to hear,
he weaves the words to disable fear.

The holiday spirit shining bright,
Santa, snowmen and reindeer delight.
He weaves the words of cheerful giving,
he weaves the words of joyful living.

The night is long, you're lonely and scared,
your mind a jumble, emotions bared.
He weaves the words that soothe your soul,
he weaves the words that might console.

He is the weaver of words of beauty and glory,
he weaves the words of each life story.
He fulfills the promise of unfeigned accession,
of the human spirit and heartfelt expression.

© 2015 Peter Noah Thomas

So, this is how I see +A Long. Tell me how you see him.

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Please let me know what you think. =]:)