We Walk Together

I close my eyes...

I listen to the gentle breeze through the trees, rustling the fallen leaves, as they whirl just above the ground, and I can almost taste the sunshine mixed with pine as it tickles my nose. I smile, and feel a warmth float through my body. I hold out my arms and wait, wishing you could take my hand like you used to. Always the left hand of course, your superstitious ways, and I'd laugh and call it cute. You'd blush, and take my hat and cover your face.

Then you'd tease me and tell me to catch you, but before you could get away I'd grab your waist and pull you close, and gently kiss the top of your forehead, and it gave you goosebumps. It gave me goosebumps too. Then you would take my hand again, always the left, and I'd smile. And we would begin walking down the path. The trees, slowly swaying, as if guiding us along. The leaves crunched under my boots like crackers, but your step was gentle, as if you were floating. I was floating too.

Your fingers felt so warm, so tender, so delicate, like rose petals gently caressing my skin. I'd slowly pull your hand to my cheek, and it made me feel safe, and gave me strength. You'd smile at me, and we would stop, and my world made sense. Then you'd pick a wildflower from the side of the path, you loved the purple ones, and you'd offer it to me and tell me how wonderful the fragrance was. I would place it in your hair, just above your right ear, and I'd look at you and you would take my breath away. We would begin walking once more.

You would gasp when we reached the top, as you took in the majestic view. This was your favorite place; it's my favorite place too. I wrapped my arms around you, then looked into your eyes. My god, how they glisten, as you look back into mine, and I can't move, I can't speak as emotion sets in. You had a glow around you, like an angel, from the mist in my eyes, I move my lips closer to yours. I can feel the warmth caressing me before we even touch, and I kiss you, and you kiss me, and the world falls away, and we melted into each other, and for just a little while, there was only you, and me.

And then, I looked into your eyes again, and you looked into mine. We stayed that way for a time, and there was a knowing, an understanding, without any words.

I open my eyes...

And I wonder now, though I didn't then, if you knew it would be our last time, walking on this path, on the journey together.

I lower my arms...

I reach down and pick a wildflower, a purple one, and I begin walking alone. The leaves are crunching beneath my boots, and I hold the flower in my left hand as I make my way up to her favorite place; it's my favorite place too.

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