More Than Mere Trees

sun streaming thru trees in a forest

In the depths of verdant woods, whispers dwell,

Ancient trees stand tall, with stories to tell.

A tapestry woven with secrets untold,

The forest, a sanctuary for spirits of old.

Through dappled sunlight, gentle breezes stir,

As melodies of nature softly purr.

Moss-clad stones, witnesses of ages gone by,

Guarding the wisdom that time can't deny.

In the heart of the forest, silence is alive,

A hallowed hush, where wild creatures thrive.

The subtle rustle of leaves, a sacred hymn,

Echoing the harmony of nature's eternal whim.

Amidst towering pines and canopies above,

A place where the spirit finds solace and love.

The sunbeams, like leaves, gently cascade,

Inviting us to wander through nature, unafraid.

In the footsteps of our ancestors, we tread with care,

Respecting the balance, the fragile and rare.

For the forest is more than a mere collection of trees,

It's a sanctuary, a refuge, where the soul finds ease.

Let us venture forth, guided by poetic light,

Into the embrace of the forest, an ancient rite.

May we find inspiration in nature's embrace,

And honor its beauty, while we leave no trace.

© 2023 Peter Noah Thomas

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