Stormy Bunsen Peak

A storm is brewing over Bunsen Peak

Ah! Beautiful Bunsen Peak. 

Bunsen Peak gets its name from the German chemist Robert Bunsen, the inventor of the Bunsen Burner and responsible for early work on volcanic geyser theories.

The peak has an elevation of 8,564 feet and you'll find it due south of Mammoth Hot Springs and lies on the east side of Kingman Pass on the Mammoth to Norris section of the Grand Loop Road.

The peak was first climbed by Ferdinand V. Hayden and Captain John W. Barlow in 1871, Bunsen Peak was not named until 1872 during the second Hayden Geologic Survey. The peak was named Observation Mountain in 1872 by E. S. Topping, but the name didn't stick.

It's a beautiful hike, but if you intend to give it a go, keep in mind that the Bunsen Peak Trail with its trailhead just south of Mammoth is a steep 2.1 miles to the summit. This one isn't for small children or inexperienced hikers. Enjoy! =]:)

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