Slip slidin' away

And we made it! Now just a short climb, and then sliding down, down, down into the blue/green pool below. A very COLD pool! But it's so fun you only notice it's cold the first time. Yeah, that's it! That means you have to swim out, climb back up, and do it again and you'll feel warmer. Honest!

Thanks so much for coming along with me on this hike over the last few days. In reality, it only took us a little over an hour to get up there and an hour back. Maybe a little less to get back because I wasn't annoying my hiking buddy, stopping to take photos every few steps.

If you're in the Lander area, I highly recommend this hike in Sink's Canyon. If you intend to slide and swim, summer and early Fall is the best time. See you on the slide! =]:)

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