At the lower falls

We've made it to the lower part of the falls. Is there anything as refreshing as the sound of rolling, churning water? How can you not smile while looking at a waterfall?

So why are we so attracted to waterfalls? I have a theory. The human mind is very good at picking out patterns, and we use them to make decisions. We see and unconsciously use patterns all day long, and connect them to other patterns, and so on.

At first glance, we might think we see patterns in a waterfall, or even in the waves of the ocean, and soon our brains are trying to find and use these patterns to make connections. If you look at a waterfall, though, you soon realize it is impossible to predict which way the water will flow next, but your brain keeps trying to find patterns anyway, but it never will. This probably puts your mind at ease and into a meditative, free-flowing state. This makes us feel happy.

Oh heck, forget all that nonsense. Waterfalls are just pretty to look at!

Tomorrow I will do another post as we get closer to the sliding waterfall. =]:)

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Please let me know what you think. =]:)