I Stand

a poem about natures calming hand

Man standing with outstretched arms over a valley

I stand atop the world, arms out at my sides,
a world stretched out below me, and yet the world hides.
The din of shouting voices, and disharmony fade,
yielding to creation; eminence of nature they abrade.

My eyes are closed and yet, I can see it all,
the meadow lush and sweet, would catch me if I fall.
I hear the rumbling water, it crashes then it wanes,
like the blood that gives me life, rushing through my veins.

I feel a mellow breeze, dance across my face,
it tickles in my ears, like feathery lace.
The trees whisper secrets, the ones I need to hear,
manifesting on my cheek, as a solitary tear.

The sun is rising now, I feel warmth upon my skin,
I open up my eyes, to take the beauty in.
The majesty and wonder, unshackles and it frees,
It draws away my breath, I drop down on my knees.

© 2016 Peter Noah Thomas ~ All Rights Reserved

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