Fairy Falls Winter Hike

Fairy Falls is beautiful in the warmer months, but it takes on a magical glow in winter.

Fairy Falls is about 197 feet tall and is one of the tallest in Yellowstone. The falls cascade down into a shallow, shaded, and inviting pool, but it’s freezing. Hiking into Fairy Falls isn’t too difficult, but it is a longer hike. If you turn around and go back after you reach the falls, it will take you about 2 to 3 hours round trip max.

Once you get to the falls, you might want to travel on to Spray Geyser and Imperial Geyser, about a mile more. Plan for this just in case you want to keep going. Most folks do.

This is a pretty hike. You’ll see many wildflowers, towering lodgepole pines, various wildlife (carry bear spray), and much of the trail is dark gray with obsidian. In 1988, the fires went through this area, so you will see many dark pines, but the forest is alive with new life. It creates a unique and beautiful contrast.

Two trailheads will give you access to the fairy falls hike. You’ll find the first trailhead about one mile south of the Midway Geyser Basin. You’ll see a steel bridge going across the Firehole River, and it follows the Fountain Freight Road hiking and biking trail for about one mile before the hiking-only trail to Fairy Falls branches off on the left. This hike is about 5 miles.

You’ll find the second trailhead about a half-mile south of the Nez Perce picnic area on the Fountain Freight Road. It follows the hiking and biking path from the northern end, one and three-fourths miles to the junction with the Fairy Falls trail. This hike is about 7 miles. Both trails are on the park map you’ll get when you enter Yellowstone.

If you do this hike, I know it won’t disappoint. It’s one of the must-do hikes in Yellowstone if you ask me anyway!. =]:)

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