Going Home Again

a poem about finding your way back

Woman with legs wrapped around man

You are lost and alone, your inner light has gone dim, the world seems so dark, angry and grim

You look up to the heavens, but the stars aren't there, just the inky blackness of desolate despair.

You call out in the night, like a child who is lost, the tears on your cheek are all criss-crossed. Then a voice calls out from somewhere beyond, your words are constricted, you cannot respond.

"I'm here my dear friend," he said with a smile, "why not come over here for awhile? I have what you need, but it's all up to you, take that first step, it's the hardest to do."

Your legs feel weak, the road has been long, you stagger and stumble, where did you go wrong? You abandoned the one who was always there, the friendship you loved, how can you repair?

"I never left," he said looking at you. "My light never went out, in fact it grew. I'll wait forever if that's what it takes, through all of the pain, and all the heartaches."

"I'll wrap my arms around you, and hold you so tight, a minute a day, or even all night. As long as you need and until you perceive, that the light is brighter, than you can believe."

You fall in his arms, it's like going home. It feels so right, why did you roam? You are shaking and frightened, but don't want it to show...

"Don't worry," he said, "I will never let go."

© 2015 Peter Noah Thomas ~ All Rights Reserved

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