Yellowstone Cougar Standing Guard

This video was shot by Melba Coleman on March 25, of a cougar in Yellowstone near Mammoth Hot Springs, protecting an elk carcass. He or she wants to make darned sure no one comes along to steal it.

The cougar is fascinating to watch, isn't it? What a beautiful, sleek animal. Cougar sightings are fairly rare. In fact, some long-time local folks who witnessed this, saw their first cougar. If you'd like to learn more about the Yellowstone Cougar, sometimes called a Mountain Lion, I wrote about them here: http://www.peternoahthomas.com/2016/03/yellowstone-trail-cam-female-cougar.html

So, if you are coming to Yellowstone, be on the lookout for the beautiful cougars. And if you see one, make a wish, because luck is on your side. =]:)

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