National Park Week April 16 to 24 - Video


Every spring, the National Park Service in partnership with the National Park Foundation (the official charity of America's national parks) brings us National Park Week. And to celebrate, during National Park Week from April 16 to April 24, you can visit any of 407 national parks, free of admission fees. If you want to see what national parks are closest to you, or you want to plan ahead for your trip, try the Find A Park search engine.

This year, the celebrations are even bigger, because on August 25, 2016, the National Park Service turns 100 years old. The Centennial will celebrate the successes of the past, but more so,  the challenges we must and will meet in the future. Protecting the national parks, wildlife, ecosystems and historic preservation are tasks we must all participate in if we are to leave them for the generations to come.

Earth Day is also on April 22. There will be many opportunities in the parks to show your support. Click here for more information on what you can do during the Earth Day celebration in the parks.

It's also a celebration of each and every human who longs for the peace, tranquility and challenges of the great outdoors. We all need to get back to nature, at least now and then, to recharge, recenter and renew our bodies, minds and spirits. We come from the wilderness we seek, and protecting it should be a goal we all keep. =]:)

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