A Summery Phelps Lake

Phelps Lake in the Tetons of Wyoming in summer

If you like going swimming in clear blue green water, surrounded by mountains, but not by crowds, then this is your new favorite swimming spot. You'll likely run into a few other hikers here, but it just adds to the fun.

The water is a little cold as this is a glacier lake, but you won't care because you'll be too busy getting up the nerve to try a rather unique feature of this lake. Jumping rock.

Jumping rock is a huge granite boulder on the northeastern shore, ready to give you a thrill with its 20 foot drop straight down into the lake. Get ready for your stomach to tickle. Splash! You can even sit on top of it if you prefer to get a little sun first or if you chicken out!

You'll be hiking into this area, but it's not bad at all. You'll see great scenery along the way. You can even stay overnight at one of the camping sites along the western end of the lake if you have a mind to. I recommend it! Oh, and don't forget your bear spray just in case.

"This sounds great, Peter but you're talking too much. How the heck do we get there?"

Oh, that's easy! Starting at the Rockefeller Preserve, hike 1.5 miles to the southeastern shore of Phelps Lake, then cross the lake's outlet using the pedestrian/equestrian bridge and continue on the trail up the northern shore for 20 to 25 minutes.

If you want to head straight for Jumping Rock, you'll need to start from Death Canyon Trailhead. Hike in about 1.2 miles to the Phelps Lake Overlook and then just .75-mile down to the Valley Trail. Head east on the Valley Trail. You'll know you are getting close when you pass a few campsites. It will take you about 15 minutes from then on.

We were too busy to remember to take any photos of the area so I'm linking to this cool shot. If you are in the area, it's still warm enough to take a plunge or two. Otherwise, put it on your bucket list for next summer. You'll be glad you did.

Here is a small taste of Phelps Lake in the summer. =]:)

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