Sunset Over Antler Peak

Antler Peak covered in snow with a tangerine colored sky
Antler Peak
Antler Peak is a striking mountain peak in the Gallatin Range in Yellowstone National Park and rises to 10,063 feet. It has gone through some name changes over the years. The peak was originally named Bell's Peak in honor of an Assistant Secretary of the Interior by either Philetus Norris, the second park superintendent or W.H.Holmes, a U.S. Geological Survey geologist in 1878. However in 1885, Arnold Hague of the U.S. Geological Survey renamed the peak Antler Peak because of the numerous shed elk and deer antlers found on its slopes. I heartily approve of the name!

Although Antler Peak can be seen from the Grand Loop Road as it passes through Swan Lake Flats and the Indian Creek area, there are no maintained trails to the summit. The Bighorn Pass Trail, with its trailhead at Indian Creek passes about 2 miles north of the peak.

A snow covered Dome Mountain in Yellowstone
Dome Mountain
Dome Mountain, also in the Gallatin Range is 9,826 feet and just as impressive in the sunset light. =]:)

Photos NPS/Jacob W. Frank

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