Frozen Lookout Point

Frozen Lower Falls
Frozen Lower Falls - Photo NPS/Jacob W. Frank 
This is a frozen shot from Lookout Point. This has been a spot people view Lower Falls for as many years as people have been venturing into Yellowstone. In the past, it was noticed that visitors gravitated to this area, so in 1880 Superintendent P.W. Norris built a railing here and the location has been called Lookout Point ever since.

Prior to 1880, Lookout Point had a few other names including Lookout Rock, Point Lookout, Mount Lookout, and Prospect Point. The superintendent was partial to Lookout Point as the name, so that's the one that stuck.

It may appear the falls are frozen solid from a distance away, but as you get closer, you'll see the water still flowing under the thick layers of ice. 

While Lower Falls is pretty awesome in the winter, it's just incredible in the warmer months. The sound from the falls as they drop 308 feet is something you have to experience yourself. You can hear it, and feel it from miles away. It's a deep rumble that envelopes you, and seems to vibrate deep within you. It has an eerie, calming affect on me.

Lower Falls is probably the most famous falls in Yellowstone and Lookout Point is one of the most photographed spots in the park. There are many hiking trails in this area, and I recommend doing that if you can.

And finally, here's a video of the falls in summer. A big difference for sure! =]:)

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