The Yellowstone Winterkeeper

Photo of Yellowstone Ranger Steven Fuller
Portrait of Steven Fuller by Neal Herbert/National Park Service
I'd love to have this job! How about you?

Steven Fuller welcomed his 45th consecutive New Year’s morning in Yellowstone by skiing into a fog bank of jangling graupel. With fumaroles billowing geothermal steam around him, he glided solo across Gibbon Meadow at -20 degrees, his silhouette quickly fading into diaphanous light.

Bound for his favorite cluster of prismatic paint pots that shall not be named, Fuller's course intersected with fresh furrows of a bison trail, tracks of a wolf pack and branches of fir covered in hoarfrost. Stopping to admire these patterns of “animal calligraphy” scrawled in the crystalline snow, he raised his camera to make yet another portrait of his homeland.  It's a place that everyone has heard of, but none know as intimately.

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