Boiling River Hike

boiling river

Let me tell ya about a secret hidden place in Yellowstone

Shh. Tell no one I told you about a hidden secret place in Yellowstone you just have to find. It's a place where the cool water mixes with the thermal water and creates a perfect pool to soak your cares away.

There was a time when only in-the-know park rangers knew about this place, and it's still one of the best-kept secrets. But I know I can trust you to keep it to yourself, so I'll tell ya how to get there. Bring your swimsuit cause no skinny dipping is allowed!

This is the Boiling River. It's not on a map, and you won't find it on a sign. But you will discover this little slice of heaven three miles south of the park's north entrance and half a mile from the parking area. Yes, you must do some hiking, but it's not bad. You'll know you're in the right place when you get there. A wall of rock and the steam clouds mark this location, where a thermal spring with temps of up to 140 degrees clashes with the colder waters of the Gardener River, creating a series of "hot tubs" for you to enjoy.

Too vague? All right:

Driving south from Roosevelt Arch on Hwy 89/N. Entrance Road, look for a sign that says "45th Parallel of Latitude Halfway Between Equator and North Pole." Drive a short distance farther south (about three miles south of Roosevelt Arch) and look for a parking area on the road's east side. Park here and then walk upstream about a half-mile from the parking area to where the footpath intersects with the river. There, you'll find the Boiling River, marked by large steam clouds.

Don't tell anyone I told you and maybe I'll see you there! =]:)

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