The Cascade Canyon Hike

Cascade canyon Hike

 How about a hike? I have one for you.

The Cascade Canyon Trail in Grand Tetons National Park. This is a long one. It’s 13.6 miles round trip. This is a stunning hike if you don’t mind the longer trek. You’ll see a variety of wildlife as you stroll through spruce, willow, and fir forests, past rock piles, and along gentle flowing creeks. Be on the lookout for moose. I've seen them a few times along this trail. Oh… don’t forget your bear spray.

So how do you get there? You’ll find the trailhead at the South Jenny Lake parking area, and it follows the Jenny Lake Trail around the south shore of Jenny Lake to the Forks of Cascade Canyon. The trail goes past Hidden Falls after about 3 miles, then goes west into Cascade Canyon's heart, flanked by Teewinot Mountain and Mount Owen to the south and The Jaw and Rock of Ages to the north. At the Forks of Cascade Canyon, the trail splits with the Lake Solitude Trail heading to Lake Solitude and Paintbrush Divide, while the South Fork Cascade Canyon Trail leads to Hurricane Pass.

Here are some things to keep in mind: There are no camping areas along this trail. Camping areas exist to the north and south, and at South Jenny Lake, a boat shuttle operates during the summer, which shortens the hike by 4 miles.

The first mile up from the west side of Jenny Lake is a little steep, but it quickly levels out after that.

What a long week this was, so this is the hike I've chosen to do this weekend. If you decide to do this one too, maybe I’ll bump into you. I promise not to bump too hard. =]:)

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