Hike to Phelps Lake Beach

Phelps Lake beach

Are you ready for another mesmerizing hike to an unforgettable spot? Well, you found it!

Amy Galbraith took this beautiful photo. It makes you wish you were there, doesn't it? Okay, okay! I can’t keep a secret. I’ll tell you how to get there. Ready? Here we go!

From Moose Junction, turn left onto Moose-Wilson Road (it’s on the map you get from the ranger when entering the park) and drive about 3 miles south to reach the turnoff to Death Canyon Trailhead. Turn right and drive another 2 miles to the end of the road. Although the first mile is a paved road, the last part is a rugged gravel road. Depending on the time of the year, it’s best to use a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Suppose you don’t have access to one, no problem. When the pavement section ends after about a mile, you’ll see a parking area. Park your 2-wheel drive vehicle there, and you can hike the rest of the way to the trailhead about a mile. The hike will begin with a moderate climb through a lodgepole pine forest, and you’ll pass a few aspens groves.

When you reach the Valley Trail junction, turn left on to the trail and continue to Phelp’s Lake. It’s about a mile from here to the Phelps Lake Overlook at an elevation of 7200 feet. The overlook is 567 feet above Phelps Lake so expect a fantastic view. Some Douglas fir trees in this area are between 300 and 400 years old.

From here, the trail goes down to the lakeshore, and the views on the way down are incredible. You will see Death Canyon too. You’ll reach Death Canyon Trail junction after about 1.7 miles, and to keep going to the lakeshore, turn left. Just keep heading straight if you want to go into Death Canyon.

The trail continues for another three-tenths of a mile to reach the Phelps Lake Trail. Turn left and continue for a third of a mile to a small sandy beach along Phelp’s Lake's northern shore. The lake is 750 acres, and it’s a glacially carved lake, which is also the 6th largest lake in Grand Teton National Park.

This is a nice hike, with varied scenery, ending in a beautiful lake beach, and I know you’ll like it. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic or to get smoochy with your significant other. =]:)

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