Hike the Taggart Lake Trail

Taggart lake

You must hike the beautiful Taggart Lake trail.

This trail is about a 4-mile loop, and it is near a place called Moose, Wyoming. You can tackle the trail on your own or take a Ranger-led excursion. The trail is only somewhat difficult, so going it alone is just fine. If you have kids, though, they’ll like the Ranger-led hike. You’re allowed to take horses on this trail. In winter, this is a terrific cross-country ski trail too.

This hike's scenery is spectacular from the beautiful mountains, a river, and a lovely warm lake. I’ve seen moose almost every time I go here, and other wildlife is abundant too. Make sure you review the information on wild animals and how to remain safe before you head out. I recommend bear spray.

You can also hike Bradley Lake Trail here, which is more strenuous. If you are feeling adventurous, from Bradley, you can traverse a 2400 ft. climb trail to Amphitheater Lake, but I’ll talk about that another time. While Taggart isn’t one of the longer trails, some are much longer; it remains one of my top 5 hiking areas for the views alone. In fact, it may be my number one spot, but I reserve the right to have a new favorite. =]:)

Trail map: http://www.nps.gov/grte/planyourvisit/upload/Taggart_Lake_topo.pdf

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