Cascade Corner Hike

Cascade Corner waterfall

Here is another "Hidden Yellowstone" hike.

When you come to Yellowstone, there are so many interesting places to see. You can spend days in the park traveling all the roads, stopping at all the sites, and exploring the park via your automobile, and that is great!

But, there are some hidden places in Yellowstone most folks never see. You can’t get to these special areas by car because there are no roads. This will take some hiking. Some hikes are short, only 1 or 2 miles, but for some, like Cascade Corner, you’re looking at a 10 to 15-mile hike one way. Whew! It sure is worth it, though, if you don’t mind hoofing it.

Cascade Corner is the name given to the far southwest section of Yellowstone National Park, beyond Pitchstone Plateau's edge, which occupies most of the area eastwards as far as Shoshone Lake and the Lewis River, and Madison Plateau to the north. Also known as Bechler, the region is low in elevation, around 6,400 feet, and flat, a varied mixture of meadows, creeks, sloughs, marshes, and forests.

Map 1

There are a few thermal features, and instead, the main attractions are waterfalls! Over 20, most along the Falls River and its tributaries, others along the Bechler River and Boundary Creek. The majority require a rather long hike to reach, up to 15 miles, hence the region is popular with backpackers and also notable because of the abundant wildlife (moose, beaver, wolves, and black bears), the rather longer hiking season (from May to November) and the general remoteness.

Cascade Corner is not accessible by road from the rest of the park, cut off by mountain ranges and river canyons. Instead, access is via the 19 mile Cave Falls Road, crossing Targhee National Forest land, starting at a junction with HWY47. Facilities at Bechler are a ranger station, a few trailheads, and the nearby USFS campground, and a typical weekday in summer may see only a few dozen visitors.

Pictured at the top is one of the many waterfalls you will find in Cascade Corner. They call this one, Colonnade Falls and it’s a beauty. On a hot day, the deep blue water below the falls sure looks inviting. I've also included a couple of maps.

You’ll find this waterfall in the Bechler Canyon area, about nine miles up the Bechler Ranger Station trail. This might be my favorite waterfall in Cascade Corner, but I’m fickle, so I might change my mind!

Map 2

So are you ready for a nice long hike? Good! Get your backpack on, and let’s hit the trails. Maybe we’ll run into each other out there. If so, please stop and say hello. =]:)

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