Some Park Staff Naked?

yellowstone horses

Some Yellowstone Park staff won't wear clothes!

No, the Yellowstone park rangers haven't started a nudist colony, although that would be interesting, I suppose. I'm talking about the 110 non-uniformed park employees you rarely see because they stay behind the scenes for the most part.

These 110 employees are an essential part of the law enforcement rangers in the park, and every workgroup in the park has at least one of these helpful "rangers." You might see them if you trek into the backcountry as they patrol for poaching and other illegal activity. They will also be at most rescue operations as part of the trusted and appreciated team.

It's a horse, of course! And they are valuable and revered members of Yellowstone National Park. They are loyal and caring friends too if you are lucky enough to know one. =]:)

Learn more about the Yellowstone backcountry ranger: https://www.yellowstone.org/safeguarding-yellowstones-wilderness/

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