The word is Sweven

My new favorite word is Sweven

I love this word!

Pronounced /ˈswɛvən/ 

This old word comes from Middle English sweven, from Old English swefn (“sleep, dream, vision”), from Proto-Germanic *swefną, *swefnaz (“sleep”), from Proto-Indo-European *swépnos, *supnós (“dream”), from Proto-Indo-European *swep- (“to sleep”). Cognate with Dutch suf (“drowsy”), Middle High German swēb (“sleep”), Danish søvn (“sleep”), Icelandic svefn (“sleep”), Norwegian søvn (“sleep”), Swedish sömn (“sleep”), Latin somnus (“sleep, slumber, drowsiness”), Sanskrit स्वप्न (svápna), Ancient Greek ὕπνος (húpnos).

Can you think of a good way to use this in a sentence? Let me know in the comments.

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