Wind River Canyon Long Ago

They took this photo of Wind River Canyon long ago when the road was brand new. I'll try to take a photo soon of the canyon for comparison.

I drive this canyon at least once a week, and the only thing that looks changed is the road itself. They dynamited the area where the car is and moved the road over when they put in the pavement. There's also a train track on the other side now.

How spectacular it must have been to drive through the canyon on the freshly graded road, seeing what only those on horseback could've witnessed before.

I can’t find an exact date for the photo, and I also don't know who took it. If you do, please tell me so I can give credit.

Update: Emaralive from Tipua.com and Philo Yan from MeWe.com gave me the following information about this photo. While this does look like the Wind River Canyon I drive through regularly, the photo is most likely the following:

Credit: Library of Congress / Contributor
Collection: Corbis Historical
Date created: December 31, 1899
Source: Corbis Historical

Tourists in Yellowstone National Park

Tourists drive their car on a dirt road along Yellowstone River in the early days of Yellowstone National Park.

Thank you, Emaralive and Philo for the information! I appreciate it. =]:)

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