Red Squirrel Tracks in the Snow

squirrel snow tracks

 The Red Squirrels of Wyoming

Scientific Name

Tamiasciurus hudsonicus


11–15 inches long, 6.7–7 ounces.

Brownish-red on its upper half; dark stripe above white ventral side; light eye-ring; bushy tail.

Quick, energetic.

Loud, long chirp to advertise presence; much more pronounced in the fall.


Spruce, fir, and pine forests; young squirrels found in marginal aspen habitat.

Eat conifer seeds, terminal buds of conifer trees, fungi, some insects; sometimes steal young birds from nests.

Preyed on by coyotes, grizzly bears, hawks.


Breed February through May, typically March and April; one litter of 3–5 young.

One of the park’s most territorial animals; territorialism ensures winter food supply.

In fall, cuts cones from trees and caches them in middens, which are used for years and can be 15 by 30 feet; grizzlies search out these middens in whitebark pine and limber pine habitat to obtain the nuts.

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